5 Tips to get rid of refrigerator smell

5 Tips to get rid of refrigerator smell

Nearly everyone has experienced it: The fridge was just cleaned some days ago, you open the door to grab some milk for your breakfast cereal and suddenly there is this stench. What are the 5 most common reasons for bad smell in a clean fridge and how to get rid of them?

Why does my fridge smell bad?


Refrigerators are known to be the dirtiest household items which is why they  should be cleaned at least once a week. Even with the professional fridge cleaning from CleanPOMO Helsinki, bad smells can occur if food is stored incorrectly or for too long. These tips will improve the standard of hygiene in your refrigerator.

1) Temperature

Fridge ideal temperature_Cleanpomo

The best temperature for a fridge should be around 1-4 degrees Celsius. If your fridge is too warm, food goes bad and will have an unpleasant smell. If it is too cold, some foods lose their taste or consistency. A fridge thermometer helps by monitoring the right temperature. To avoid high energy costs and up- or downturns, try to keep the door open for the shortest time possible and do not put warm or hot things in the fridge.

2) Storage in boxes

Meat, chicken or fish should be stored in jars and boxes made of glass or plastic. Along with the food, its smell will be sealed. If something should spill out of the boxes into the fridge, simply clean off the stain immediately in order to not give bacteria a chance to grow.

3) Fishy smell from fruits, veggies and mushrooms?


Some people state that vegetables start to smell fishy after one or two days because they are fertilized with water from fish farms. This way of fertilizing might be a modern and sustainable practice but is not the reason for the bad smell. Vegetables, fruits and mushrooms need to breathe. If they are stuck in plastic bags or containers, they will start to stink because bacteria find a breeding ground on their moist surface. After buying fruits and veggies, just rinse them with cold water and clean them using a soft brush. After letting them dry, put them on a sheet of kitchen paper / greaseproof paper or in an unclosed box in the fridge.

4) How long should food stay in the fridge?

The golden rule for opened packages or cooked food can save you from bad experiences and health issues. The maximum time for food in the fridge is three to four days. Even if your fridge runs a little colder – bacteria will spread and reach a critical level really fast. A smell test to determine the edibility of food in the fridge is not recommended. The expiration date on the outside of the package is only valid for an unopened product.



5) Coffee in the fridge?

One of my Italian friends once told me that a fridge is the wrong place for coffee. For this tip it is essential: You placed an open container with salmon soup in the fridge and now a bad smell has taken over it? Put a couple of tablespoons of fresh coffee powder in a small cup or on a small plate and place it in the fridge. The coffee powder will neutralize the smell after some time. If the smell gets too bad, the fridge can be cleaned with a fitting detergent.

Regular cleaning for your own health

Clean the fridge on a fixed date at least once a week to avoid gambling with your family’s health. If you prefer to spend your sunny Sunday with an afternoon stroll or with a visit to your favourite restaurant, our CleanPOMO team will help you. Enjoy the quality of our professional fridge cleaning service in Finland Uusimaa – Your clean home or office is just one click away!


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