Dirty boots? How to avoid cold depression in Finland

Dirty boots? How to avoid cold depression in Finland

The biggest reason for our homes being dirtier during the cold and dark seasons are the shoes we wear. Whether you wear sneakers, Crocs or boots, mud, gravel and snow will get stuck under the sole and be carried into our hallways, from where dirt and harmful bacteria spread to every room. Take some preventive measures as per CleanPOMO cleaning experts in Finland!

Avoid the autumn-dirt-depression!

Sweaty sneakers, smelly winter shoes and others carry not only small pieces of gravel and dirt particles, but also bacteria, toxins and viruses right into our homes. The traces that are left on the floor can often be removed by a professional home cleaning or office cleaning. However, since we are cleaning professionals, we can also help you to avoid the worst with some affordable products and easy life hacks.

Finnish quality – the rappuralli

During the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice, the sun is up for about 6 hours in the Helsinki area. In the northern parts, it does not rise for many weeks. Therefore Finnish people are professionals when it is about doing household chores the dark, cold and snowy season.

The rappuralli is a construct of two broom heads in a frame that are facing each other. The easiest way to free shoes from heavy snow or mud is by simply brushing them before stepping inside. Keep the area around the rappuralli free of snow or dirt and free the broom heads from heavy dirt if needed.

Doormats and shoe trays

Especially in offices, shops and public buildings the cold and wet season causes damp entrance areas and stains on the floor. To sum up the importance of doormats we can say that two is better than one! Have one doormat outside and one inside of your flat or house.

Additionally, storing your shoes on a special shoe tray with deep profile ensures that the shoes with dirty and wet soles will not damage or smudge wooden floors or carpets. Why regularly wipe away the dirty spots from the floor when you can save a lot of time by using a shoe tray?. Note that you should clean doormats from time to time.

Shoes off!

Nobody can really imagine wearing outside shoes inside of our own four walls. But even taking a few steps in the flat with your shoes on is enough to spread dirt into every room. Our CleanPOMO team would suggest you to wear slippers at home and even at work for example to achieve clean office spaces.

Saint Nicholas is watching

An old European tradition rooting back to Saint Nicholas of Myra, motivates children to clean their boots on the 6th of December so that Saint Nicholas would fill them with presents. If there was some ‘’parental’’ calculation behind the modern version of the tradition of cleaning shoes will stay a mystery, but one thing is for sure: cleaning your shoes at regular intervals keeps the floors clean and makes them last longer.
To also keep the spirits up, the CleanPOMO team Helsinki can help you with professional home cleaning and office cleaning in Uusimaa. We are not as judgemental as Saint Nicholas and will make sure, that you can enjoy the positive sides of shorter days in the beautiful autumn coloured woods or while taking a walk through the fresh snow. Your clean home and office is just one click away!


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