How to boost your Airbnb ratings and get more customer smiles?

How to boost your Airbnb ratings and get more customer smiles?

First things they see, the first things we clean.

When hosting your guests you should try to think like a guest: what are the first things your visitors see when checking your Airbnb room? Shoes in the corridor or a lawnmower in the yard give the impression of an untidy household. If you put your house for rent on Airbnb, make sure that the garden is clean and all the walkways and green areas are free to roam around. A decorative door wreath that fits the season and a small welcome sign on the porch will warm the hearts of your guests.

Clean Airbnb Rooms

The next view is from the window. So make sure they are cleaned regularly. Streaks on the windows or flaws in the frames are noticed in the first two minutes after entering the flat. The CleanPOMO professional cleaning and Airbnb management service team received a maid service training in order to ensure a professional cleaning of your Airbnb accommodation and how to create a spotlessly clean environment for your guests.

2) Kitchen and fridge

After getting the first impression, guests usually take a look in the kitchen. A clean fridge, clean surfaces and spotless gadgets like toasters or microwave ovens are the key to give your guests the feeling that they want to stay and feel like home. Create an atmosphere that makes them feel like they are welcome in a new home: placing some free sealed snacks on the table and beverages in the clean fridge makes a huge difference and are a good addition to the piece of chocolate on the pillow.

3) The bathroom and sauna

In Finland you will find 3 saunas per 5 inhabitants. Even some single room flats come with a small private sauna. Bathroom and sauna are places that are strongly associated with hygiene. Stains, mold or dirt in the shower, the sink or the toilet make your guests feel disgusted and long for a shower back home. Don’t offer your guests to use the shared sauna of your apartment building. Since it’s a common space for all the tenants, you can not be sure that it will be clean when your Airbnb guests want to use it.

Joseph's apartment in Helsinki, Finland

Joseph’s apartment in Helsinki, Finland

Airbnb Room in Finland

Airbnb Room in Finland

4) Stay fresh!

Shiny floors and surfaces create a fresh feeling. Make sure that every room of the flat smells nice. This can be provided by air fresheners that spread a nice odor at certain intervals. A freshly cleaned flat and new covers for the bed and pillows ensure that the flat does not start to smell. Use an additional cover for the mattress that can be machine washed after every visitor. Fresh flowers that are provided during the beginning of the stay show your guests that you care for aesthetics. If your guests want to make some changes in their own homes after a stay in your Airbnb Finland, you left the best impression possible.

CLEANPOMO-boost your Airbnb ratings and make customers smile

boost your Airbnb ratings and make customers smile

5) Small gestures for a big change

Provide the individual Airbnb experience nobody else is able to give to your guests! Print them a welcome letter with practical information and activities they can do in the area. What are the easiest ways to get around with public transport? What attractions are a must? Where can they do groceries? What number to call in situations of emergencies? Do they have someone to call when there are problems with the flat? Make sure that your guests find the Airbnb survival guide in a language they are comfortable with. Giving some funny cultural anecdotes for your Airbnb Service in Helsinki and Finland will break the last ice: kalsarikännit, tervasuklaa, saunavihta and the home of the Joulupukki are topics they will reminisce positively about when they give a review about your service.

Professional Airbnb cleaning and facility management – your advantages

CleanPOMO offers you more than just a Airbnb and house cleaning service. Contact us to get to know more about our Airbnb facility management service. We will take care about providing keys to your Airbnb customers, check and protocol the status of your apartment, take care of damages and problems that might occur during the stay in the Airbnb of your choice.

CleanPOMO means spotless clean Airbnb rooms in Finland, friendly and customer-oriented service and the motivation to make the difference that boosts your Airbnb ratings. Your clean Airbnb room is just one click away!

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