Our Use of Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored in your browser when you visit some websites.

Cookies are used for numerous purposes. This website utilizes three categories of cookie as defined by the International Chamber of Commerce guide for cookie categories:

  • ‘Strictly Necessary Cookies’ are required for the website to function at a basic level.
  • ‘Performance Cookies’ are used to collect anonymous user behaviour data which are used to further improve the site.
  • ‘Functionality Cookies’ are used within the website’s logic to enable certain website features and to enhance the user experience anonymously.
  • ‘Targeting Cookies’ are used to provide social networking and social bookmarking functionality.
  • By default, all cookies are active on this website to provide the best user experience.


What Cookies do we use?

The following table lists the cookies used on this website and sets out the name, function, duration, and origin of each. The social networking cookies function through integration with 3rd party websites but are included here for completeness as this functionality is fairly integral within our website.





Visitor sessionSession CookieThis Domain
_utmaGoogle Analytics2 yrsThis Domain
_utmbGoogle Analytics30 minsThis Domain
_utmcGoogle AnalyticsSessionThis Domain
_utmzGoogle Analytics18 mthsThis Domain
__unamPerformance Checking9 mthsstarberry.com
Channel IDGoogle AnalyticsNo Expirygoogle-analytics.com
Channel IDGoogle AnalyticsNo Expirygoogle.com
NIDGoogle AnalyticsNo Expirygoogle.com
GALXGoogle Analytics1 hraccounts.google.com
GAPSGoogle Analytics2 yrsaccounts.google.com
ana_svcSocial Bookmarking1 yraddthis.com


Social Bookmarking12 hrsaddthis.com
bt2Social Bookmarking9 mthsaddthis.com
diSocial Bookmarking2 yrsaddthis.com
dtSocial Bookmarking1 mthsaddthis.com
locSocial Bookmarking2 yrsaddthis.com
siteaudSocial Bookmarking10 yrsaddthis.com
__atuvcSocial Bookmarking2 yrsaddthis.com
__utmaSocial Bookmarking2 yrsaddthis.com
__utmzSocial Bookmarking6 mthsaddthis.com
sshSocial Bookmarking2 yrsaddthis.com
sshsSocial Bookmarking2 yrsaddthis.com
sscSocial Bookmarking2 yrsaddthis.com
uidSocial Bookmarking2 yrsaddthis.com
uitSocial Bookmarking1 mthaddthis.com
uvcSocial Bookmarking2 yrsaddthis.com
anjSocial Bookmarking3 mthsadnxs.com
sessSocial Bookmarking1 mthadnxs.com
uuid2Social Bookmarking3 mthsadnxs.com
AA002Social Bookmarking2 yrsatdmt.com
MUIDSocial Bookmarking2 yrsatdmt.com
idSocial Bookmarking2 yrsdoubleclick.net
datrSocial Bookmarking2 yrsfacebook.com


reg_ext_refSocial BookmarkingSessionfacebook.com
reg_fb_gateSocial BookmarkingSessionfacebook.com
reg_fb_refSocial BookmarkingSessionfacebook.com
Local storageSocial BookmarkingNo Expiryfacebook.com
ckSocial Bookmarking3 yrsgo.affec.tv
ooSocial Bookmarking3 yrsgo.affec.tv
ptSocial Bookmarking3 yrsgo.affec.tv
Channel IDSocial BookmarkingNo Expirygstatic.com
IMRIDSocial Bookmarking2 yrsimrworldwide.com
__qcaSocial Bookmarking18 mthslinkedin.com
__utmaSocial Bookmarking2 yrslinkedin.com
__utmbSocial Bookmarking1.5 hrslinkedin.com
__utmcSocial BookmarkingSessionlinkedin.com
__utmvSocial Bookmarking2 yrslinkedin.com
__utmzSocial Bookmarking18 mthslinkedin.com
bcookieSocial Bookmarking2 yrslinkedin.com
langSocial BookmarkingSessionlinkedin.com
lidcSocial Bookmarking25 hrslinkedin.com
JSESSIONIDSocial BookmarkingSessionlinkedin.com
L1lSocial BookmarkingSessionlinkedin.com
X-LI-IDCSocial BookmarkingSessionlinkedin.com
bscookieSocial Bookmarking2 yrslinkedin.com
leo_auth_tokenSocial Bookmarking30 minslinkedin.com
visitSocial Bookmarking2 yrslinkedin.com
Local StorageSocial BookmarkingNo Expirylinkedin.com
uuidSocial Bookmarking1 yrmathtag.com
acsSocial Bookmarking6 mthsmedia6degrees.com
clidSocial Bookmarking6 mthsmedia6degrees.com
ipinfoSocial Bookmarking6 mthsmedia6degrees.com
mcSocial Bookmarking18 mthsquantserve.com
UIDSocial Bookmarking2 yrsscorecardresearch.com
UIDRSocial Bookmarking2 yrsscorecardresearch.com
_twitter_sessSocial BookmarkingSessiontwitter.com
external_refererSocial Bookmarking1 mthtwitter.com
guest_idSocial Bookmarking2 yrstwitter.com
Channel IDSocial BookmarkingNo Expiryyoutube.com

Restricting or deleting cookies

By default all cookies are active on this web site for the best user experience. Please note that by turning off cookies in your browser you will affect the core functionality of the website and the social sharing options will not be available.

However, if you wish to deactivate or delete selected cookies your web browser may provide options to do this via the Help menu option.

For a useful resource on the subject of cookies visit www.allaboutcookies.org, which provides good general advise on how you can manage cookies on your computer.

If you would like to opt out of Google Analytics tracking for all websites visit http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

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